Thanks to You

Community Connectors

The Community Connectors team is working together to assess the needs and wants specific to two of Greensboro’s communities in ZIP codes with the highest crime rates.

Sergeant William White Memorial Scholarship

In partnership with his loving family, the Police Foundation has created the Sgt. William White Memorial Scholarship.

Equipment Grants

The first major accomplishment of the Greensboro Police Foundation was the successful campaign to raise money for the purchase of 125 on-officer cameras. Greensboro became the first major US city to outfit its entire patrol force with on-officer cameras.

Quarterly Recognition Luncheons

Every three months, the Greensboro Police Foundation partners with a local corporation to sponsor a Quarterly Recognition Luncheon which takes place at the Proximity Hotel.

Memorial Flower Fund

The Memorial Flower Fund is a small program that makes a big impact. The Greensboro Police Foundation funds the purchase of plants and flower arrangements for the memorial services of retired and active Greensboro police officers and close family members of GPD officers and employees.

Students Overcoming Situations

Students Overcoming Situations is a program developed by the Office of Community Engagement within the Greensboro Police Department. The purpose of the program is to teach elementary-school students how to be safe while at the same time creating positive connections between Greensboro police officers and the children that they serve and protect.

Operation Yuletide

With the support of the Greensboro Police Foundation and citizens like you, Operation Yuletide builds positive connections between GPD officers and some of the most vulnerable residents in Greensboro during a time of year that can be difficult for many people.

Police Event Hospitality

The Greensboro Police Foundation purchases food and beverage for various Greensboro Police Department events such as Police Academy Graduation Cookouts and Family Nights. Like our Memorial Flower Fund, it's a small program that makes a big impact.