Memorial Flower Fund

The flower arrangement serves as a token of remembrance to the officer to know that although we maybe large in numbers we are still as inclusive as a tight knit family, and as such, any loss is felt throughout the department.

— Office of the Chief of Police
Greensboro Police Department

The Memorial Flower Fund is a small program that makes a big impact. The Greensboro Police Foundation funds the purchase of plants and flower arrangements for the memorial services of retired and active Greensboro police officers and close family members of GPD officers and employees. It’s a small but meaningful gesture that truly touches the hearts of the family members who have lost loved ones.

The Memorial Flower Fund is also used to purchase flower arrangements and wreaths for the annual Police Memorial Service that takes place every May in Greensboro during National Police Week. This solemn ceremony honors the officers who have lost their lives in the service of all law enforcement agencies in Guilford County.

With the support of our donors, we can keep this meaningful program going. Click here to make a gift.

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