Operation Yuletide

The nature of this job very frequently puts us in touch with so many people across our city in need of not only basic resources, but especially around the holidays, something special.  Operation Yuletide, and the support it receives from so many incredibly generous people, truly helps to create that opportunity to share a bit of hope and joy with the people we’ve worked to help throughout the year, and I know personally that it’s a wonderful occasion for our citizens and officers to share in the season together.

— Sergeant, Operational Support Division
 Greensboro Police Department

In 2018, the Greensboro Police Department selected 50 families to sponsor through Operation Yuletide. This group of families included victims of the April 2018 tornado that severely impacted east Greensboro. The department was very intentional in its giving, focusing on the particular needs of each household, many of which we  re seniors living alone. With the support of the Greensboro Police Foundation and citizens like you, Operation Yuletide builds positive connections between GPD officers and some of the most vulnerable residents in Greensboro during a time of year that can be difficult for many people.

Help us make a positive impact. Give to Operation Yuletide.

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