Greensboro Police Foundation Donates Training Simulator

GREENSBORO, NC (November 4, 2021) – The Greensboro Police Foundation has donated a Decision Maker: Fire Arms Training Simulator Training System. The foundation’s purchase of this unit includes the set-up, software, and accessories to replace the Greensboro Police Department’s current system at a cost of approximately $57,000.

This valuable piece of training equipment allows officer to learn the intricate decision-making skills to quickly respond to difficult situations with the appropriate use of force. This system creates a sense of immersion into a scenario. As the officer interacts with the video, the situation can change multiple times causing the officer to utilize their classroom training in a practical application.

The decision maker final installation took place in October and a demonstration will take place Tuesday, 11/9 at 5:30pm at the Public Safety Training Facility (1510 North Church Street).

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