Greensboro Police Department Gets New Urban Response Vehicle

This article first appeared on the Fox 8 website.

By Jemeisha Lyde
Posted: December 10, 2020

When you first see it, it looks like a golf cart.

“We have everything built-in so we can be with traffic and hopefully just kind of blend in a golf cart,” said Sgt. B.R. Denny, with the Greensboro Police Department.

It’s more than just a six-seated cart, it’s made for a larger purpose officers have been missing these past several months.

“It really gives the public a chance to just walk up and if there’s no physical barrier, it’s an easy chance to make conversation,” Denny said.

On Wednesday, the Greensboro Police Foundation donated the new urban response vehicle.

“We told them we needed something to replace something we already had down here that wasn’t working right anymore,” Denny said.

The compact vehicle will also come in handy at large events when officers find it difficult to be in their regular cars. “We have lost or missing adults, children, people of all ages we encounter, maybe they’re ill or need to get to a medical tent,” Denny said.

Serving and protecting the community is a tough job, but Denny hopes through time, people will be more accepting, when they’re behind this wheel and will change the way they look at officers.

The vehicle cost $21,000. Denny says the vehicle will be out on the streets as soon as the license plate tags arrive.

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